DJ Nish Diaz is an Urban Contemporary Music Specialist

Just as New Jack Swing, BoomBap, and G’Funk dominated urban music in the 90s, the current music scene features Afrobeats, Trap, Twerk, and various other subgenres. These new and electrifying genres are taking over the dance floors and topping the charts in the 2020s.

Known for his exceptional skills in all modern and old school urban music. Rnb, Reggaeton,Dancehall  Afrobeats, and trap, DJ Nish Diaz has also built a strong reputation for crafting captivating urban vibes that effortlessly entice people to unleash their inner dancer. He is an expert at crafting an inviting and immersive atmosphere, especially in urban contemporary music. His mixes feature irresistible reworks  that have the power to transform any event or venue, ensuring that the dancefloor stays alive and buzzing with energy.

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