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DJ Nish Diaz

With over 20 years of Global DJ experience, Melbourne-based DJ Nish Diaz is specialized in DJing public events, private events, event management, radio programming and is a go to DJ, event specialist and live sound engineer for the top venues, music agencies and DJ companies Australia-wide. His services are utilized on a regular basis by industry professionals to bring to light innovative events and special functions that require careful planning and execution.


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Nish Diaz has been working extensively with Yo Mama Music DJ Hire for the last 3 years. He is very reliable and always delivers great results at every gig he has done for us. I'm very happy to have him part of the team. He's knowledge of music is also very impressive!! He is without a doubt one of our greatest assets on the Yo Mama Music team!

EMLYN LUCAS [Director - Yo Mama Music]

Nish Diaz has been working with JAG – Melbourne premier Wedding & Corporate specialist Management Company for entertainment for 5 years. He is not only diverse and versatile, but extremely professional, well presented and always happy to please the clients. Please do not hesitate to call me on 1300 34 77 34 should you require any further information.

JUDI KITTELTY [Director - JAG Entertainment]

With a professional attitude and equipment, excellent knowledge of different styles of music and the ability to read a crowd, DJ Nish is my go to guy when I have an overflow of bookings.
Clients always send me great feedback and thank me for sending him out as entertainment for their events. Highly recommended.

LANCE MOULE [Director -]

Dj Nish Diaz is a reliable entertainer with years of experience in the Dj entertainment industry, he covers a wide range of events for starlight Dj's and gets positive results for all our functions. I highly recommend him for events needing Disc Jockey entertainment.

LAWRENCE [Director -]

Love your positive attitude man!


Dj Nish Diaz performed at many events, and we have only recieved the best feedback from our clients regarding his music selection, attitude, kind nature and his level of interaction with the guests. He is a born entertainer who is highly recommended by our team at that Dj Australia. DJ Nish Diaz rules.

ARRON CAMILLERI Founder Director - That Dj Australia

DJ Nish was given a tough assignment with our Argentinian-Hindu-Jewish reception but delivered with flying colours. He had the guests doing salsa and Bhangra and dancing to top 40 hits regardless of where they came from. He really committed to the night and went out of his way to make sure we were comfortable. We highly recommend DJ Nish.


Hi DJ Lance, thanks for arranging Nish to do my wife’s 40th last night. Brilliant guy and great work. Even though they were limitations re music volumes caused by the venue, he dealt with them very well and put together great tracks. Cheers and well done.


Hi guys! Thanks heaps for jamming at my 21st b’day, I got to give mad love to Dj Nish Diaz you really made the night. A must recommend for anyone interested in Globerockerz!!!!


Just want to give a huge shout out to Nish Diaz for throwing it down in a massive way at my engagement party!!! You kept the whole night buzzing and picked it up when the time was right to ensure everyone had an amazing time!!! I highly recommend these boys who really know their audience and specialise in dropping sick beats and keeping a party pumping and full of energy the whole night!!!

DJ NISH DIAZ’s musical background consists of working extensively in the music scene since his early teens, namely as a DJ, songwriter, rap artist, and singer performing in several Hip-hop, R&B acts, and groups. This experience, along with working in radio and television at the age of 17, equipped him to have a vast understanding of the music and entertainment industry, learning from a young age “how things work”. With this knowledge, he can work with a vast palette of entertainment productions and get things right the first time. In addition to his professional experience, he has a BA in Recording Arts majoring in Audio Engineering and Diplomas in Marketing, Communications, and Multimedia giving him an edge over his competitors with thorough and rigorous training in his field of expertise.

Venues Performed at and Corporate Clients

DJ Nish Diaz is a genuine connoisseur of R&B music. With his unparalleled skill in mixing the right R&B tunes, he captivates audiences with his unique style and flawless transitions. However, his talent isn’t just limited to the dance floor; he has also made a name for himself as a great radio programmer and DJ. Nish has appeared on popular mix programs like Hot Mixx, Open House Party and Friday Night Live on TNL Radio in Colombo. Beyond DJing, he is an urban music producer and songwriter, collaborating with some of the genre’s most influential artists under the GIP Recordz banner. 


DJ Nish is an expert in this genre, as evident in his extensive collection of rare remixes, throwbacks and pulsating tracks. He can effortlessly blend soul music to deliver a captivating dance floor experience. With his skills, DJ Nish Diaz orchestrates the energy of a room, providing an incredible journey through the tapestry of these wonder years. As an industry expert, he also has extensive knowledge of Funk, Disco, Soul, and other subgenres.

My collection of soul, funk, and disco music is vast, including both rare gems and popular hits- DJ Nish Diaz 

DJ Nish Diaz is skilled in combining eras and subgenres, and he specializes in the 70s and 80s old-school hip hop, 90s boom bap, and today’s Urban music, Hip Hop and trap music. His electrifying mixes can take listeners on a journey through hip-hop’s rich past, paying tribute to the legends while staying at the top of the modern scene. This DJ curates an unforgettable experience, captivating hip-hop enthusiasts of all generations with his diverse selection of timeless classics and pulsating club anthems. 

“For me, Hip Hop is primarily geared towards embodying all the elements of the culture”. I appreciate and stay involved in all of its sub-genres. I am funky, diverse, and experimental – always serving the needs of the party people.- DJ Nish Diaz 

DJ Nish’s expertise in dancehall, Ragga, and jungle genres, establishes him as a true master in his craft. With his mixing skills and a natural grasp of these genres, he has made exhilarating sets that blend the soulful rhythms of reggae, the infectious energy of dancehall, and the gritty rawness of Hip Hop Ragga and jungle. DJ Diaz is a selector whose mixes combine reggae, ragga, and jungle into an unforgettable sonic journey, from tropical sounds to dancefloor anthems & gems.

DJ NISH DIAZ has also been instrumental in Reggae concert and event planning and has been a live sound engineer and opening DJ for big name artists such as Shaggy, Cecile, Demarco, Elephant man  and continues to work with local as well as international acts.   

If you want to Hire DJ Nish Diaz for your Reggae get down please get in touch Via his socials or Call+ 61 1300 870 889

My area of expertise lies in Electronic Dance Music, which encompasses a vast range of sub-genres with subtle nuances- DJ NISH DIAZ 

As an Electronic music and EDM enthusiast, DJ Nish Diaz  deeply appreciates EDM’s evolution and its significant influence on the global music scene. He has a deep knowledge of house music from the 1980s to the 2000s, synth-pop from the 1980s, and upbeat electronic dance music (EDM) and Eurodance scenes. His mixes captivate the audience by effortlessly combining the nostalgic sounds of classic house, synth-pop melodies, and contemporary EDM and Eurodance influences.

An open format DJ is a Jack of all trades, knowing what tune to play at exactly what moment to exactly whom, is a rare skill that can only be obtained by years of trial and error there is no way around this. You just need tremendous experience, knowledge and a knack for entertaining a vast and possibly the broadest musical audience. A skill that is truly easier said than done.

Enter DJ NISH DIAZ  pop Music Hit Man for hire!!!

As a passionate DJ enthusiastic about music, Diaz specializes in Retro ’50s hits to the current Top 40 chart-toppers. He draws inspiration from legends such as Rick Dees, Casey Kasem, and the iconic Top of the Pops when blending the finest of both worlds. 

Step into the rhythm of the tropics with DJ Nish Diaz  🌴

Are you ready to ignite your event with the electrifying energy of Caribbean and fusion beats? Look no further! As your premier Caribbean music specialist, I bring the pulsating rhythms of Dancehall, Reggaeton, Soca, Afrobeats, Latin, and Bachata to elevate your party to new heights.

Picture this: your guests swaying to the infectious melodies, their hips swiveling to the irresistible grooves, and smiles lighting up the room as they immerse themselves in the vibrant tapestry of Caribbean culture. With my expertly  crafted selection and mixes, I’ll transport you and your guests to the sun-drenched shores of the Caribbean, where every beat tells a story and every rhythm ignites the soul.

Whether you’re hosting a tropical-themed bash, a sizzling summer soirée, or a high-energy club night, I tailor my sets to suit your vibe and keep the dance floor packed from dusk till dawn. From the sultry vibes of Soca to the fiery intensity of Dancehall, I’ll create an unforgettable musical journey that keeps the party going all night long.

But I don’t just stop at Caribbean classics—I specialize in fusion, blending the best of Caribbean beats with global influences to create a sound that’s fresh, dynamic, and utterly irresistible. Whether it’s infusing Reggaeton with Soca, blending Afrobeats with Latin rhythms, or mixing Bachata with Dancehall, I’ll take your guests on a musical adventure they’ll never forget.

So why settle for ordinary when you can experience extraordinary things? Choose DJ Nish Diaz and let’s turn your event into an unforgettable celebration of music, culture, and pure Caribbean vibes. Get ready to dance, groove, and lose yourself in the rhythm. 

Just as New Jack Swing, BoomBap, and G’Funk dominated urban music in the 90s, the current music scene features Afrobeats, Trap, Twerk, and various other subgenres. These new and electrifying genres are taking over the dance floors and topping the charts in the 2020s. As an up-to-date DJ, I am ready to elevate your dance floor experience and get everyone involved in the club or bar with my music selection.

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Dj Nish Diaz is a specialized DJ who brings professionalism, passion, excitement and can breathe life into any event.

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