DJ Specializing in Reggae, Ragga, Dancehall, Jungle, & more​

DJ Nish’s expertise in dancehall, ragga, and jungle genres, establishes him as a true master in his craft. With his mixing skills and a natural grasp of these genres, he has made exhilarating sets that blend the soulful rhythms of reggae, the infectious energy of dancehall, and the gritty rawness of Hip Hop Ragga and jungle. DJ Diaz is a selector whose mixes combine reggae, ragga, and jungle into an unforgettable sonic journey, from tropical sounds to dancefloor anthems & gems.

DJ NISH DIAZ has also been instrumental in Reggae concert and event planning and has been a live sound engineer and opening DJ for big name artists such as Shaggy, Cecile, Demarco, Elephant man and continues to work with local as well as international acts.   

If you want to Hire DJ Nish Diaz for your Reggae get down please get in touch Via his socials or get in touch with Rasta Girl entertainment.

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